Do I need to have a team?

Nope! You are absolutely welcome to sign up with your friends but we will have a team building session on Friday.

What if I don’t have an idea?

None needed! You can join teams of people who have ideas. You might just get inspired when you arrive as well.
If you do, we will have a session where you can learn how to pitch your idea and samples of good ideas.

Can I just show up?

No, please RSVP above before Wednesday  September 19th at noon. We have limited spaces and they are filling up fast.

Do I need to have work done before?

No prior work required or needed! All we need from you is to sign up and show up with a laptop/pen+paper and your enthusiasm. We’ll help you with everything else when you arrive.

What’s a good idea?

Try coming up with an idea that solves a problem. An example problem is “College students in middle of rural small town Iowa have a hard time getting groceries”. So an idea is trying to improve food delivery in Iowa.
Again, you don’t need to have an idea. If you do, that’s great! Please don’t work on it before hand. We want everyone to have an equal playing field.

What ideas become projects

On Friday, people who have ideas or get inspired are welcome to give a ONE MINUTE pitch about their idea. All of these are recorded and after everyone who is willing/able to pitch is finished, we have a team forming exercise where people vote on good ideas and combine groups. The more you can convince others to join you, the better! There’s no input from the judges but the mentors will be around and look over ideas informally. No need to have a team or group in advance.

How will projects be judged?

On Sunday, each group will be invited to make a presentation on the progress of their ideas. This presentation will be judged on execution, design, customer validation and feasibility of your project. More details on the breakdown of these criteria will be provided on Saturday when you begin working on your idea.